XXIInd International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

Review Lectures

The following speakers have accepted the invitation to present a review lecture in the named area:

Speaker Lecture / Topic / Title
K. Alex Müller (Zurich) Special evening lecture: Over half a century of research in oxides
Isaac Bersuker (U. Texas Austin) The Pseudo Jahn-Teller Effect: Special Features, Novel Findings, and Applications
Terry Miller (Ohio State U.) Reconciliation of Spectroscopic Results and Electronic Structure Calculations for Jahn-Teller-Active Molecules
Yuxiang Mo (Tsinghua U.) Jahn-Teller effect in CH3X: spin-vibronic couping, mode coupling and tunneling splitting
John F. Stanton (U. Texas Austin) ab initio approaches
Lorenz Cederbaum (U. Heidelberg) light-induced conical intersection
Martin Jansen (Max-Planck Institute Stuttgart) C60 and related systems
Frank Bridges (UC Santa Cruz) Dynamic Jahn-Teller distortions in crystalline materials
Jörg Wrachtrup (U. Stuttgart) solid state quantum spintronics
Pablo Garcia-Fernandez (U. Santander) Influence of Jahn-Teller and Pseudo Jahn-Teller over magnetism in 3d systems: A first-principles view
Vladimir Hizhnyakov (U. Tartu) Time-dependent Jahn-Teller Problem in Solids: Phonon-Induced Relaxation