XXIInd International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

Selected Hot Topic Talks

The following speakers are presenting a Hot Topic Talk:

Speaker Lecture / Topic / Title
Satrajit ADHIKARI (India) Conical Intersections in D3h molecules: Diabatic PESs for Spectroscopic & Scattering Processes
Denis ARCON (Slovenia) Jahn-Teller orbital glass in the Mott insulating parent state of the molecular superconductor Cs3C60
Zhang BIN (China) Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Dual-functional Molecular Crystal from Copper-Oxalate-Framework with Jahn-Teller Distortion
Lilia BOERI (Austria) Electron-phonon superconductivity in AP3P compounds: From weak to strong coupling.
Dennis P. CLOUGHERTY (USA) Dissipation and Decoherence of a Jahn-Teller Impurity in a Solid
Claude DAUL (Switzerland) Explicit Control Over Spin-states using combined Density Functional and Ligand Field Theory’
Regina DE VIVIE-RIEDLE (Germany) Deceleration of dissociating molecular wave packets by solvent cage: the dynamic continuum ansatz
Vladimir GUDKOV (Russia) Evidence of magnetic field dependent relaxation in ZnSe:Cr crystal in ultrasonic experiment
Katalin KAMARAS (Hungary) Dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in IR spectra of expanded Cs3C60 fullerides at low temperature
Kliment KUGEL (Russia) Orbital and spin structures in transition metal compounds with face-sharing octahedra
Camille LEVEQUE (Germany) Ab initio quantum study of the photodynamics for the coupled 11A2 and 11B1 states of SO2
Sebastian MAI (Austria) Internal Conversion and Intersystem Crossing in SO2 Studied by Surface-Hopping Molecular Dynamics
Spiridoula MATSIKA (USA) Dynamics on radical cations governed by conical intersections
Miguel MORENO (Spain) Why the properties of K2CuF4, K2ZnF4:Cu2+ and KZnF3:Cu2+ model systems are so different?
Grace MORGAN (Ireland) Broken Symmetry and Ordering Phenomena in MnIII Spin Crossover Solids
Daniel OPALKA (United Kingdom) Construction of analytic multi-sheeted potential-energy surfaces from ab initio data
David S. PERRY (USA) A System of exE Conical Intersections Between Vibrationally Adiabatic Surfaces In Methanol
Victor POLINGER (  USA) Jahn-Teller-promoted superconductivity in cuprates and iron pnictides
Tohru SATO (Japan) Regioselectivity in Chemical Reactions: Vibronic Coupling Density as a Reactivity Index
Max SORANTIN (Austria) Vibronic effects on the steady state current through a molecular ring structure
Erio TOSATTI (Italy) Orbital excitation of a Mott-Jahn-Teller insulator revealed by infrared spectra
Matija ZLATAR (Serbia) Computational Analysis of Intrinsic Distortions of Jahn-Teller and Pseudo Jahn-Teller Active Molecules